Fashion Obsession: Lodis Card Keeper + Wallet

Lodis card keeper wallet : Blush

Lodis card keeper wallet : Blush

I'm obsessed with my Lodis card keeper wallet.

I'm in love with the understated color, its modern, sleek lines, and the detailed pinhole design.

The wallet is made from a single cut of soft leather with the exterior dyed a beautiful shade of blush pink (not pepto pink).

I originally bought this for our tour through Europe this past Christmas. I needed something that would be easy to take anywhere and to stash discreetly.

It holds 10 cards easily - or 5 cards and 5 bills.

This wallet has been the *only* thing that has helped [forced] me keep all my cards together. It all helps me practice minimalism by restricting the number of cards I carry around. Perfect for concerts and events where a full purse would be inconvenient.

I get compliments on this wallet all the time!

It fits perfectly in the pocket of even my tightest jeans - which makes it a new fashion staple!