Montserrat, Spain - June 2018


I'm excited to finally launch the blog I've been toying with creating for the past 12 years - always collecting content yet restricting what I share to platforms aimed at people I know, like Facebook and Instagram.

I love beautiful things - people, art, travel, food, fashion, decor, music, imperfections, oddities, personalities, nature, and animals.

I find myself a collector of beautiful experiences of the mind, the ears, the mouth, the touch, the eyes, the nose, and of science, architecture, space, and time.


More recently, I've been reflecting on my experiences in life and I've noticed that like many, I operate as a duality:

  • a full time mom and a full time traveling executive
  • a self professed homebody and a compulsive world traveler
  • an introvert with an extrovert social battery
  • a home in the city and a home in the suburbs
  • a woman who was a failure at many relationships in a successful one
  • an aspiring minimalist who craves comforting 'homey' decor
  • a lover of clean lines and complex geometry
  • an fanatic with white and shades of gray yet obsessed with all colors in between them
  • a being respectful and appreciative of time who plays video games and is lazy for hours on end
  • a frugal money spender
  • intrigued by pretty functionality and obsessed with turning the complex into simplicity
  • a passionate learner with a non-traditional view on education

I love to write about how each of these dualities presents itself in my current daily life, how it presented in my past, and my fantasies of how I would like it to present itself in my future.

All of this in hopes that I connect with another human being: be it my loved ones, my family afar, strangers (who are friends I haven't met yet), my daughter or son if they wish to see through the eyes of their mother, or at the very basic sense, a connection with myself.

Thanks for reading!